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Аренда телескопаFor megapolis citizens, astro-tourists and all demanding clients we are excited to offer the new service- astrohosting. The Solar Wind hotel is located in the place of unique astro-climate, featuring the crystal clear dark night sky.


If you have no time for astro-tourism – all you need is to set up your telescope at our observatory and observation of the southern night sky will be available for you from any location. The security, internet connection and subsequent equipment services are offered by Solar Wind hotel.


Telescope rent - obviously, wishing to enjoy the unique views of southern night sky, it is no pleasure for astro-tourist carrying the telescope along. Moreover, apart from being simply uncomfortable such type of luggage contains the direct risk to be seriously damaged. That’s why Solar Wind astro-hotel offers for its clients the wide range of telescopes and subsequent astro-equipment for rent:
Dosbsonian telescope from 250 mm
Zeiss refractor 250/3775
Parallactic mounting
CCD-cameras with filter turrets
Solar telescope TAL 125 - Coronado


Our observatory - excursions, lectures and sky observations (provided the appropriate weather conditions ). Namely, we offer lectures, day-time observations of Sun, Venus and Mercury. Night-time observations of other planets, nebulosities, star clusters and galaxies. The lectures are read by highly-qualified professor and a unique astro-scientist. Also there is a minerals and meteorites museum open for visitors. Any group requests are highly welcome.



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