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Отдых в горах Краснодарского края : Мезмай

Our hotel offers the perfect conditions for the comfortable rest in mountains of Mezmai village, which is located in Apsheronsk district and borders the Caucasian biosphere natural reserve. The territory of Mezmai village is surrounded by three mountain chains - Azishsky, Guamsky and Lagonaksy lying in the valley of three ravines, which is crossed by Kurdgips river. The name of Mezmai village is translated from Adygei language as “apple forest”. Sometimes it is called “bear corner” due to its specific location.


You can rent a house in order to spend the unforgettable holiday enjoying the wild nature and fresh air. The breathtaking views are guaranteed! Mezmai village is situated on the crossroad of three most picturesque ravines forming the natural landscape bowl. One of them is the famous Guamskoye ravine of approximately 400 meters depths. The river Kurdgips managed to wash through the rock, forming the ravine with amazing mountain walls and cliffs, covered by multiple waterfalls and exotic flora. Millions of years Kurdgips river was washing through its way, moving inside the rock cracks and queres, creating the beautiful water corridors.


Отдых в горах Краснодарского края

«In the foothill belt of the main Caucasian mountain chain, on the height of 985 meters, surrounded by the mountain ravines and picks, the amazing place called Mezmai is located. It lies in the small table-land surrounded by mountains, which hundred years ago was a lake, giving the flows for multiple mountain rivers, forming the current landscape. Untouched forest, century-old trees with unbelievably wide stems, boxwood groves covered in lianas and mosses. All described amenities were gathered here in one place among roaring rivers and scenically beautiful waterfalls. It is not a description of natural reservation- this is how Paradise looks like! »

(From the notes of a tourist)


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